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About Us

Dr.Murali Export & Import are proven in the pharmaceutical industry for over 7 years providing a wide range of products and services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Over the past 7 years we have developed long lasting close relationships with suppliers and customers to develop our highly successful export and import business.

We specialise in global supply to Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Medical instruments, Surgical dressings, disposables, Diagnostics instruments, Rubber and Latex products , Health care products.

Currently we cover all the main countries through supplies aimed at the use of innovative therapies and medicines that are not available in the local market as they are as yet unlicensed, temporarily out of stock or there is a shortage of supply. We also supply a wide range of Health Sector products for specialised and Food materials.

Since we buy medicines that are available in different countries, we can supply a single customer with products from different origins, based on the quantity requested and the target price .

Our Strength : 1-75